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Cyber Solution

Simple and Effective cybersecurity

​Work Simple and Effective cybersecurity. CyberTeamNZ specialise in risk advisory, security architecture, security operations, strategy and governance and secure by design

Industry Experts

Cyber Team NZ have a wide array of security certification and experience ranging from CISSP to AWS Cloud Architecture. This enables us to speak fluently with the development and assurance of services

Dynamic Risk Management

We can provide insights to your risk management like no others. Our Risk management approach, analytics and insights will keep you on top of your risk appetite . We can provide you with a clear continuous risk management process for your organisation

Threat Informed Defence

We work with you to provide proactive and adaptive cyber security solutions based on threat intelligence. We won't just put out the fire, we'll stop it from causing damage in the first place.


We offer a comprehensive security architecture review of any solution ranging from high-level design advice to low level consultation on the components that makeup the overall scope

Cyber Team NZ Features

Industry leading professionals

Cyber Team NZ offers widely respected and experienced cybersecurity professionals to provide you with the most effective approaches and solutions, whilst ensuring new approaches reach you early.

Cybersecurity Goals
About Us

Kickstart your cybersecurity goals

Trusted Expert

Bring in a trusted expert

Some people may be confused as to what cybersecurity actually is. Let us properly communicate complicated security topics to your non-technical stakeholders

Cybersecurity process

Adopt a proven process

By following our step-by-step process, organizations can learn to effectively protect their assets from cyber attacks.

Why Choose Us

We Can Protect Your Data With Cost Effective Technology

We can quickly identify and recommend key security measures to protect your organisation quickly. Cyber Team uses fundamental practices and a pragmatic approach results in actionable recommendations. Our bread and butter is getting results with minimal impact.

Identify Threats

We will employ threat-informed defence approaches to identify important threats, track and report changes in approach motivations, and keep you ahead of the competition. We may additionally link these changes to your organization's risk state to create a dynamic heatmap over time. We will generate simple and easy-to-understand reports that are relevant to your organisation.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Be on the front foot of one of the most growing cyber security attack vectors to your organisation.

Certification and Accreditation

Cyber Team provides Certification and Accreditation by bringing together a multitude of experience and expertise from various government agencies on C&A assessments.

Risk Management

We can provide you with insights to your risk state that were never possible. Start a conversation with us.

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