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The Leadership Team

The Leadership
Security Team

Tom Britton

A skilled information security consultant who is constantly aware of the organisations business objectives and goals and aligns security measures accordingly. Tom has a panache communication style which allows customers to easily and clearly understand complicated technical and organisational challenges. With an acute ability to taper risk management into easily digestible pieces Tom helps organisations rapidly mature their security posture.

Tom’s excellent grasp of risk management principles allow him to quickly plan, prioritise and act on customers requirements. Committed to staying up to date with current technologies and best practices he is an actively assessing new security concepts and innovations.

Outside of the work sphere Tom spends time with his family adventuring around NZ and getting grubby with mountain biking.

Chris Hawksworth

Thinks of the world of opportunities and the glass as always half full. With over 25 years or Cyber security experience starting back in the noughties he’s found a real love for the people and processes around cyber security. The tech keeps him occupied but the people and the processes are the things that keep him stimulated the most. Chris is a bit of a certificate accumulator with a multitude of cloud, vendor and security industry types.

With boots on the ground Chris takes every opportunity to understand the customers near term and long term goals around security. By executing efficient security strategies using past experience, a thorough understanding or various technologies and best practices he is able to convert complex requirements into positive customer outcomes. Having a natural ability to define processes and streamline workflows Chris offers excellent insights in to rapid security improvements. As a qualified security consultant he is able to recognise, evaluate, and reduce security threats to the organisation.

When not at the office Chris is busy beating back the bush in his garden and laying down next seasons veggies with his three small children.

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